måndag 8 oktober 2012

How To Export 3D Text From Cinema 4d to Photoshop (Transparent Background)

When exporting objects with transparent background the first step is surprisingly enough to create your text or whatever you want to export to Photoshop. I will use a Mograph text for this tutorial. You can 

You shouldn't have any kind of lights in the project.

1. Okay so lets open up the render settings by clicking this symbol in your overhead panel:

From there you can change everything from output size to effects such as global illumination.

Under the "General tab" theres nothing to change. Render engine should be set to full render.

Output tab: Here you set the image resolution. I usually go for 1280*720 or 1920*1080, just choose whatever you prefer. Also you have to make sure that frame range is set to current frame.

The Save tab: Select your output destination and set the file format to PNG. The other really important thing is to enable Alpha Channel, alpha channel is what makes the background transparent.

You don't need to change anything under multi-pass.

Anti-aliasing makes the edges of 3D objects nicer and softer. It should be set to best for the nicest result. Also higher the max level to 8x8 which will make it look even better.

Now your basically done with the render settings, but i will add Ambient occlusion which i think gives it a nicer shadow and so on.
To turn on ambient occlusion click effect and select ambient occlusion.
It will take a longer time to render so don't do this if you've got a slow computer. 

To render the image you will want to long-press the marked symbol at the image below and select Render to picture viewer. The image will be rendered to your output destination.

Now just drag you image in to Photoshop and you're done!

You can create some amazing stuff using this technique.
Here's an example of what I did last night, not very spectacular but anyway.

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