tisdag 24 januari 2012

Cut, Split, Trim, Slow- and Fastmotion - Sony Vegas Pro

In this post i'll be writing about some basic features mentioned in the description.

There is many useful features in Sony Vegas, but this is the most common features when 
talking about video editing, therefore I will describe how to use them in thos post.

SPLIT: To split a video clip is very useful, for example if you wan't to apply to different effects to one clip. 

To split a clip you start off by selecting the video clip you wan't to split and move the timeline marker to where you want the clip to be seperated.
Then basicly press S. And your clip will split!

TRIM: Trimming a clip is very simple. Maybe you don't want the part of the clip where your camera records the ground instead of the rock band on stage.

What you do to trim a clip is to drag the edges, easy as that! This technique can be used to cut a clip too.

SLOW- AND FASTMOTION: You can speed up and slow down a video clip in different ways, i'll be explaining the most basic.

To speed up and slow down a clip you drag one of the edges at the same time as you're pressing CTRL.
Drag the clip to be shorter when speeding up and the opposite when slowing down the clip.
Pretty obvious.

Hope you learned something and please visit My Youtube Channel - Fillecool2


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