måndag 23 januari 2012

Vintage Photo Style - Photoshop Tutorial

  Today we'll be working on a vintage style effect in photoshop.
    This is how the result might look like:

 Time: about 20 minutes.
 Level: intermediate

Okay, lets start
STEP 1. Open your image and unlock the layer by dubble clicking it.

STEP 2. Duplicate the layer by right clicking it and press duplicate.

STEP 3. To give the edges a of the photo a nice contrast, go to filter>other>high pass
               and set the ammount to about 2. 
               Now you wanna change the blending mode of the high pass layer
               to overlay. The high pass layer should be at the top.

STEP 4. We'll have to decrease the contrast a bit to get right retro look.
              To do so, go to the image tab in your top left adjustments>brightness 
              and contrast. Reduce the contrast by around 15 to 25 according to what
              you think looks best. Apply this to your bottom layer.

STEP 5. It's time for the most important adjustment, the curves.
              Select your bottom layer and browse image>adjustments>curves.
              We will change the reds, the blues and the greens seperatly, starting off
              with the reds,the greens, and last the blues.
              Images to show what the curves should look like:

The reds
The greens
The blues

STEP 6. Create a new layer and select This Pink Color as your primary color.
               Fill the empty layer with your bucket tool.
               Change the blending mode to screen and the opacity to around 20%.
               Merge the layer with the main photo layer by clicking CTRL+E.
STEP 7. This step is optional, you could add some noise (filter>noise>add noise).
               Set the amount to 8% or what you think looks the best.
               The distribution shloud be set to Uniform.

 STEP 8. This is the last step. We are going to add some vignette to the image.
                Select the main photo layer (bottom layer) and go to filter>lens correction.
                A window will popup. There is two tabs to the right (auto correction and custom)
                Select Custom. 
                Decrease The ammount to around -85% and play around with the midpoint to
                get the look you want. When you're done press OK.

You have finished!
Please share my blog and i'll do more tutorials.


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